Replacing a trailer license plate in Ontario

When to replace a trailer license plate in Ontario
Weather, age or an accident, can cause a license plate to wear, corrode, fall apart, fall off, become dented, delaminated and/or become illegible.  Any issue with a license plate should be noted when a trailer is being inspected in the shop and/or when a driver is doing a pre-trip.  Doing so will give you the opportunity to have the plate replaced before it falls off, before the trailer is loaded and on the road.  This way you avoid a ticket and/or pricey downtime if the MTO pulls you off the road and you can't make your delivery - believe me when I tell you this has happened.
Some good reasons to replace a license plate:
  • Lost
  • Damaged
  • Corroded
  • Worn
  • Peeling, bubbling or delamination*
  • Stolen**
*Delaminating plates are potentially covered under the manufacturers warranty if purchased in the last 5 years and only if you bring in the defective plate for return at time of replacement.  If covered under warranty, you will not have to pay for the replacement plate.
**A police report or file number is required for license plates deemed stolen.
When to replace a trailer registration/permit in Ontario
Ontario registrations aren't that big, they wear out over time and can become misplaced if they're not kept in a safe, organized place.  Luckily in Ontario you only have to keep a copy of the registration with the trailer otherwise we'd be replacing them all the time.
Some good reasons to replace a registration:
  • Lost
  • Damaged
  • Worn
  • Stolen
At Trailer Driven, we can keep all your original registrations stored on-site.  That way, we'll have them on hand to use as required saving you the cost of having to get a replacement permit whenever you need a plate replaced.
License plates that are still in good shape but not currently associated with a VIN can be re-used as long as it is going onto a trailer associated with the same RIN number it was originally registered to. Trailer Driven can keep these spares on site to apply to other trailers, saving you the cost of a new plate.

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