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Trailer licensing is our specialty!

Whether you're buying, selling, leasing, renting, financing, hauling, inspecting or repairing trailers, you get the idea, we can help you get them on the road with new registrations and plates and keep them on the road when a plate gets lost, worn or damaged.

Using our in-house original registration and spare license plate storage facility helps keep all your licensing organized and at our fingertips so we can quickly and efficiently tend to your licensing needs.  You never have to worry about sending us a registration or paying extra for a replacement before we can complete a transaction for you at the licensing office.  Should you require a copy of one of your registrations, we can provide you with one at a moments notice.

We know all the burdens and headaches that come with trailer licensing, but we also know the ropes, so why not let us do it for you?  We know the transportation industry and we have the sense of urgency that goes along with it.

Fleets come in all different shapes and sizes and so do our services.  Whether you occasionally need our help or want to leave it all in our capable hands, we will work with you to meet your needs and expectations.

We'll take care of your licensing while you take care of your business.

For all our licensing services we provide the following where applicable:

  • Collect all required documents (NVIS, B3, POA, Original registration, Bill of sale)
  • Complete all forms
  • Ensure all applicable taxes are paid
  • Obtain new license plates/registration
  • Scan and store new registrations
  • Ensure speedy delivery of license plate/copy of registration (anywhere in Canada/USA)
  • Same day, detailed, invoicing
  • Access to registration images
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Licensing Services


New trailer registration

Who doesn't love a new trailer? Whether bought used, new or direct from the manufacturer (Canada/USA), we can help you get your new equipment licensed and registered.


License plate replacement

Weather and age can cause a license plate to wear, corrode, fall apart, or fall off the trailer. Be sure to have them replaced to avoid fines or worse, trailer downtime.


Registration replacement

Registrations can get lost/misplaced, worn and damaged.  Luckily in Ontario there only has to be a copy of the registration with the trailer but if you need a replacement, we can help.


Ownership transfer

Whether you're the seller or the buyer, we can assist with ownership transfers.


Provincial transfer

Have a trailer registered out of province that needs to be registered in Ontario?  We know what to do.


Financed/leased trailers

Sometimes the vehicle ownership and the plate ownership are in 2 different names.  We can help get plates into the correct name and at the end of the term have it switched back or transfer ownership.



Need a list of all your Ontario registered vehicles?  These reports come in handy to make sure no vehicles or license plates that you own are missing and lost license plates have been cancelled accordingly.

Are you keeping your original registrations and spare license plates safe and organized?

License plate & permit storage


License plate storage

Did you know you can re-use your inactive license plates?  We can keep them stored at our secure location, saving you money on plate replacements.


Registration storage

In Ontario, only a copy of the original registration has to be with the trailer.  We can keep all your original registrations on file at our secure location, saving you time and money.

We offer custom licensing delivery solutions suited to your current needs.  We'll go out of our way to get your new plates and/or registrations to you as quickly as possible.

**delivery fees apply

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Plate/Permit Delivery Services


Overnight Courier

Our typical mode of delivery is via overnight courier.  New license plates and/or registrations will be at your door by 5pm the next day.


Local Courier

If you're within the GTA, we can hand deliver or have our same day courier get your new plates/registrations to you quickly.


Local Delivery & Installation

Not only will we deliver the license plate to your door, we'll have someone install it for you.