Who We Are

We are the trailer licensing guru's of Ontario.

With over 20 years of transport industry experience, we know the constant demands and requirements of the industry. Managing huge operations, solving problems on short notice and extinguishing proverbial fires are all in a day’s work. Deadlines come fast and are often inflexible, and the pressure to meet them can seem huge when you're dealing with millions of dollars in equipment and cargo.

That’s why we’re here, that’s why we decided to create a company that can help bring a bit of calm to all the industry chaos. We know the demands and timelines and we have the high sense of urgency that goes with it.

We handle the entire licensing and registration process. This saves you valuable time to be working on the more important things on your to-do list.

Put the Trailer Driven team of licensing experts to work for you. We’ll manage your licensing while you manage your business!

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Why use us for all your fleet licensing ?

Doing licensing yourself or in-house can be timely and a drain on your resources. Our team of licensing professionals are here to ensure your licensing is done accurately and quickly, getting and keeping all your trailers on the road.

  • Maintenance and storage to safeguard and keep organized all original registrations and spare license plates
  • No more forms to fill out or lines to wait in
  • Timely turnaround, minimizing vehicle downtime
  • Direct delivery, anywhere in Canada/USA
  • Access to registration images
  • Detailed invoicing and database
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