Registration Class Codes

Trailer & Truck Class Codes in Ontario
When registering a trailer in Ontario, you will be asked to provide the body type classification. On a new trailer, the manufacturer doesn't always specify the body type on the NVIS because the NVIS is universal for Canada, not specific to a province and all provinces have different class codes, if any. Here are the standard trailer and commercial truck body classification codes in Ontario:
Class Code Description
Trailer FV Freight Van
Trailer OV Open Top Van
Trailer PF Platform
Trailer LB Lowbed
Trailer DP Dump
Trailer PL Pole
Trailer LV Livestock
Trailer AT Auto Transport
Trailer LT Liquid Tanker
Trailer DT Dry Bulk Tanker
Trailer MX Transit Mixer
Trailer BT Boat
Trailer TV Travel
Trailer TT Tent
Trailer TY Utility
Trailer HR Horse
Commercial Truck VN Van
Commercial Truck PD Parcel Delivery Van
Commercial Truck SD Sedan Delivery
Commercial Truck FV Freight Van
Commercial Truck OV Open Top Van
Commercial Truck ST Stake/Rack
Commercial Truck PF Platform
Commercial Truck DP Dump
Commercial Truck TX Tank/Pumper
Commercial Truck MX Transit Mixer
Commercial Truck WR Wrecker
Commercial Truck PR Packer
Commercial Truck CN Crane
***This article, applicable to commercial trailers only, is just a guideline. If you are registering a trailer yourself, please be sure to contact your local ServiceOntario for the most up-to-date information or visit the ServiceOntario website. ***