The Ontario RIN Number

The Registrant Identification Number (RIN)
According to in order to register a vehicle for use by a corporation or business in Ontario, and get a permit and licence plate, you need a Registrant Identification Number (RIN) for the corporation or business, in lieu of a driver's license.
The RIN is used to identify the corporation or business within Ontario's motor vehicle registration system.
To request the creation of a new RIN for a corporation or business that does not possess one, you need to provide specific pieces of evidence to the Ministry of Transportation through Service Ontario, along with a statement sworn before a Notary Public.
The Notary Public must verify your identity, verify the documents of the corporation or business, and affix a Notarial Seal to your sworn statement.
RIN-Ontario drafts your sworn statement, and places you in front of a Notary Public by video conference for the swearing of the statement and the affixing of the Notarial Seal. An electronic version (Adobe PDF) of the notarized sworn statement is available to you immediately by email, and a paper version is delivered to you by Canada Post within three business days.
RIN-Ontario is available through-out Ontario, and depending on availability as set out on their website, the drafting as well as the notarization can be completed in a single business day.
For more information, go to the RIN-Ontario website at